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Mon 16 January 2017

As of this writing, I'm in the middle of the transition from academia to industry data science. This website is meant partially to replace my academic website. It's also a place for me to showcase some of my personal data science projects. I'll probably be starting with some of the small projects I've done while building up some of my data science skills, and hopefully eventually be releasing some more polished projects.

I also intend to write blog entries (like this one). While my projects will tend to be something that involved coding, learning a new skill, and/or exploring a data set, blog entries will just be free-form writing. I mostly intend to write about data science, statistics, science, and related things. Because I've so recently come from academia, I expect many will focus on the difference between academia and industry, and the transition. And sometimes maybe I'll write about things completely unrelated.

This site is still somewhat under construction, and the organization of it might change quite a bit as it grows/matures.

If you want to read about the technical aspect of the blog (what tools I'm using and why), see this post.

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