Science Fiction

The Search for Intelligence (New Myths, Issue 54, March 2021)

Rest In Virtual (Alternative Deathiness, B Cubed Press, 2021)

Hedonics, Inc (After Dinner Conversation, March 2022)


Systems and methods for treating and estimating progression of chronic kidney disease (Blanchard, Usvyat, Wang, Kotanko, D. Maddux, F. Maddux, 2021)

Animal Cognition

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Popular Science

Insatiable Minds: Why Humans Are Hard-Wired For Curiosity (Hemmelder, Blanchard. Footnote. 2016)
Reprinted in Huffington Post

Data Journalism

Does the Muslim Ban Make Us Safer? (Blanchard, KDnuggets. 2017)
Originally self-published here